Competitive cheer is a year round sport that  involves jumps, stunting, tumbling, and dance.  At Washington All-Stars Cheer Brigade everyone is placed on a team. We take athletes from 3-18 years old with any experience level. We would love to have your athlete grow with us.

Elite Teams

Through our program we aim to instill values of strong work ethic, time management, team work, sportsmanship, positive attitude, self confidence and overall physical, mental and emotional health that will translate into the rest of their life.

Our elite teams are the largest time commitment where athletes will also see the most growth. 

Athletes will compete in several competitions in the surrounding area with at least one traveling competition per year. 

Prep and Novice Teams

Our prep and novice teams have the same goals and strengths as our elite teams but with a lesser time commitment. 

These teams are perfect for our younger athletes that may not be ready for elite teams or those families that cannot fully commit to an elite team. 

Novice and prep teams will attend only local competitions and only compete one day when attending a competition. 

Athletes will learn to work as a team, develop sportsmanship, gain self confidence, and find the power of a positive attitude. 

We believe that strong FUNdamentals, creative coaching, structure, and camaraderie are the components of creating an environment where athletes will thrive.